I have tried every dog bed out there and the material on yours holds up bar none. I have 6 cats, and 2 dogs, and they all fight for the beds.

—Jorie Kopy


Like Nothing Else.

A carpet that can change the commercial landscape? We think so! Crypton has raised the bar in the carpet industry by delivering a new level of performance that will extend the life of carpet investments and save money by looking good longer.

Our carpet is designed to be cleaned, not to act as camouflage for dirt and stains. With more than 100 million yards of Crypton® Super Fabric installed worldwide, the same protection found at the White House and Buckingham Palace is now available for your carpet.
Every piece of Crypton Carpet is treated using our patented chemistry that combines active ingredients that have been screened for environmental and human health concerns, while also offering durable resistance to spills, odors and stains.

An industry maintenance dream come true, we create an ionic barrier around every fiber of the carpet to keep stains from adhering to the fibers, and we make them super water-repellent and oil-repellent so spills just sit on the surface for easy clean-up. Even if a spill stays on the carpet and tries to stain it, Crypton® Carpet resists:  on the AATCC 175 test (standard stain test for the carpet industry), Crypton Carpet scores a “10 out of 10,” while some competing brands scored as low as 3, 4, and 6.

Every carpet fiber is transformed with the stain and repellency protection necessary for use in high-traffic environments and every lot is tested in sophisticated labs to help ensure consistent, top-quality performance. You have to see the demonstration to appreciate the amazing performance of Crypton Carpet.

Crypton Carpet is distributed by Signature Carpets.