I have tried every dog bed out there and the material on yours holds up bar none. I have 6 cats, and 2 dogs, and they all fight for the beds.

—Jorie Kopy


Green Isn't Good Enough.

At Crypton, we believe that our lives are interconnected with our community and environment – and that the world we live in is of our own making. This philosophy drives every aspect of our business – from our people, plant and manufacturing processes to the research we conduct every day. We continue to look at innovative solutions that will advance efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and offer consumers more responsible textile solutions. Today, we do this in a number of important ways:


BioBased Content
Crypton is committed to be as environmentally responsible as possible. With our new Crypton 2.0 technology, we’ve radically reduced our reliance on petroleum-based materials and reduced CO2 emissions. We’ve changed the moisture barrier so that more than 10 percent of the feedstock raw materials can be derived from renewable, farm-grown sources, including corn. These advancements are made without sacrificing Crypton’s performance, durability or recyclability. 

• Investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets
• Testing and developing new, environmentally preferable chemistry
• Leveraging best practices and manufacturing technologies that consume less water and energy, emit less pollution and reduce the use of packaging materials
• Instituting recycling programs to transform 100 percent of our fabric scraps into shoddy


Crypton Green Fabrics are constructed with optimized fibers
We continually make environmentally friendly improvements to our plant and processes like reducing our water consumption, purchasing renewable energy certificates and recycling processed materials.
• 50-100 percent recycled polyester
• 100 percent heavy-metal-free polyester
• 100 percent wool with heavy-metal-free dyes
• 100 percent polypropylene