I have tried every dog bed out there and the material on yours holds up bar none. I have 6 cats, and 2 dogs, and they all fight for the beds.

—Jorie Kopy


A Clean Night’s Sleep.

Sleep worry-free with Crypton. Breathable, cool and quiet. With easy-to-spot-clean performance. Crypton Mattress solutions are engineered to deliver unparalleled protection and amazing comfort for any environment.

In the past, mattresses have acted like sponges – absorbing spills and becoming almost a haven for microscopic contaminants.  Crypton Mattress solutions offer an integrated barrier that permanently repels and releases stains, locks out liquids and resists debris, dust mites and allergens. All without sacrificing comfort and breathability. Thanks to Crypton, now the mattress can be the cleanest thing in the room! With Crypton Mattress Fabric and Mattress Protectors , you can rest easy knowing you’re giving them the best.

Crypton Mattress Fabric is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. View Certificate

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